Enpire Marketing Enterprises Corp. is a SEC registered Multi-Awarded company which delivers skin and beauty products throughout the Philippines. Just my 2 Scents (JM2S), its flagship brand provides oil based perfume that is made by high end and quality assured materials from France in a very affordable price.


The company envisions to build an ‘Entrepreneurs Empire’ with the modern-day Filipino at the forefront. We want to provide a path to greener pastures wherein our countrymen engage in business not to get ahead of others but to overcome their limits and live life to its utmost potential. Enpire sees a future where it fuels the flames of our countrymen’s passion towards optimistic dreams and ambitions by engaging in sustainable business that is structured within the company’s marketing plan.


Enpire Marketing Enterprises Corporation (EMEC) aims to be a cornerstone company that allows the Filipino people to have their dreams of a better life come true. The company will do this by providing world-class products and services that are reliable, consistent and of high quality. Enpire shall also continue to focus on brand excellence (as what it has done with Just My II Scents and Beautifind, its flagship products) a quality that the company works hard to embody.


We have a wide range of stockists and resellers around the country who can cater your needs hassle-free.